What to Consider when Choosing slot car Sets

Whether making a choice either for personal use or for the family, you want nothing but the best slot car set. Probably, a set that will last for quite some time and stand various pressures. Since there are many manufacturers out there, one might get confused in making a selection. The fact that the internet is a vast ocean of information does not help much in cutting down on information clutter. Luckily, we give a few tips usable in selecting a suitable set.

slot car Sets

Durability Concerns

With regards to durability, age does not feature greatly. It is an important factor too, but what one would be looking for is the ability of the set to provide unforgettable fun. It might not last years, but it should provide exhilarating fun for the period it will be in existence. In short, the buyer should feel value for money offered in purchase. One should also look for the expandability of the set chosen. Children grow really fast and they might soon get disinterested. Thus, an expandable set would not only save some money for a new purchase but provide a much-needed extra challenge.

Who is the set Meant For?

Ideally, getting a set for everyone is the best idea. People vary in age and preferences hence they may need differently configured sets. However, that might not work well for all due to finances among other issues. Therefore, for those intending to kill two birds with one stone, a set with a 1:32 scale will do the trick. Such a track is neither too big for the kids nor too small for the adults. If you get a digital version, the better. Such versions allow up to six cars and that means more people can join in the fun.

Set Expandability

As aforementioned, set expandability is a key consideration. Hence, it is imperative that one checks the availability of compatible parts before purchase. Extra pieces availability and aftersales support means the fun can get twists. A simple trick is going for sets that move fast in most stores. For example, sets with a scale of 1:32 are a favorite for many. Choosing one like that means you will get most parts easily. Mind you, a change as simple as adding an extra car, or part of the track would make one feel really excited.

Room for Racing Style Improvement

As one grows, they tend to seek more challenging escapades. In reference to slot car sets, here are a few ways to make changes and create challenges.

Get rid of the magnets: before removing magnets, check whether your set allows for border placement. At the corners, your cars will need some form of support in the absence of magnets. Some argue that wider tracks do not require borders but they are essential when magnets have been removed.

Upgrading and maintaining cars: once again, the factor of demand and supply pops in. It would be quite easy to get aftermarket or even original parts for cars in the 1:32 scale as compared to other scales.

Performance Enhancements: this too will depend on the availability of parts. An upgrade is totally worth it as it unlocks new car abilities.

Upgradeability to digital: those thinking of buying analog sets should check on whether they are upgradeable to digital. Once the fun gets to you, you sure want to go digital.

Backdrops: just like travelers want to see trees and vegetation by the roadside, so do kids when they play on sets.

Controllers: most aftermarket controllers give a better experience and feel in comparison to the original ones.


Those considering to buy a set now have some useful guidelines. As for those who already made purchase, they now have ideas on how to enhance challenge levels on their existing sets.

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