What Can I Give My Hamster to Play With?

By | June 8, 2020

As like any other animals, the hamster requires stimuli, toys and also a wide range of food in order to keep it pleasurable. If your hamster has more space and many more things to keep it busy, then your hamster live much longer than you assume. Initially, it is better to remember that the hamsters have unique personalities.

Even some of the hamsters are pleasurable to settle into the new place and will also begin playing with the new building nests or toys right away. At the same time, some other hamsters can be incredibly shy. If you own a hamster, you just attempt to play with it for minimum two days and can preferably per week.

To get the best hamster toys, you can simply visit your pet store and look at the different toys available that are sold. When it comes to purchasing the hamster toys to play with, you can be sure to have any material that you use is unpainted, non-toxic and also free from glue and chemicals. With a little bit of creativity, scissors and a household drill, you can even make the best hamster toys yourself.

Commonly, the hamsters are active small creatures that they require a variety of toys to do plenty of exercises in order to keep them healthy and energetic as well. The hamsters are usually enjoying all kinds of toys and some of them are more necessity for their health. If you are searching for the best hamster toys to play with, here are some options for you that include:

Chew toys

The chew toys can provide hamsters something to trouble on in order to keep the teeth in a very great condition. These toys are most important for keeping the teeth little, when the teeth keep growing. However, it is good to buy the wooden chew toys from the pet stores. One important thing to remember is that the wooden toys must be made from wood as well as it is fully chemical and pesticide free. More possibly, it is also a great idea to stick to the best hamster toys that are specially designed for pets, so you can provide them wood from your garden offered and it has not been chemically treated.

Wheels and balls

The wheels and balls are a good to place in your pet’s cage for playing with. The wheels must be in perfect size, so tiny feet do not become stuck. Also, the solid surface wheels are good choice; in place of there is minimal chance of an injury. The clear plastic balls are also known as run-abouts that will provide your pet a better chance to run all over the place just exterior of a cage and also not run off or get lost.

Houses and climbers

Now, many of the pet stores will have a vast selection of best hamster toys such as houses and climbers. They are specially designed with a tiny animal and build the wonderful toys. The climbing blocks and wooden ladders are also perfect choice of toys for hamsters. You can also utilize the ladders from bird section in a pet shop that they are well suitable. The organic ropes can be used to build bridges and coconut shells can be used to build hidey holes.


As energetic as hamsters are, they sometimes feel require to hide away and also have a small alone time. For this specific reason, it is much important to provide them somewhere to go, while they require being on their individual. These tunnels offer sufficient places for them to go for a little bit of loneliness.

Toilet toll holders and cardboard

The hamsters actually love cardboard tubes to hide within. You can purchase these cardboard commercially and normally they are sturdier than the usual toilet roll. The kitchen paper holders are lengthier than the normal toilet roll holders and can build the enthusiastic toys for small creatures.

Digging and sand

Normally, the hamsters have a habit to dig anything, so have a deeper box of sterilized soil or sand is a wonderful treat. The fine sand will also provide your pet a good environment to roll in it and also keep change the sand regularly.

Pumice stones and mineral blocks for hamsters

These are not actually essential. If your hamster does trouble on them, it can support to keep their teeth in a better condition, but they are very tough. Usually, most of the hamsters will not actually utilize them. So, the vast ranges of natural wood chew items are a good option and the essential minerals must be offered via a diet.

Plastic toys for hamsters

When it comes to plastic, the caution is required. Even many of the hamsters love the tubes, plastic channels and also other play objects, but chewing it can lead to several issues. Some of the plastic playthings will be smashed by them very fast, if your hamster will consume any plastic pieces then it affect their health seriously. When you provide plastic items to your hamsters, you just want to keep a closer eye on them. If your hamster is chewing very much, you just want to abandon the item. When you give plastic toys keep a sticky eye on them and they chew the things too much and you need reject them from the play items.

Therefore, by giving a good selection of toys to your hamsters, they will be able to live more enjoyable as well as active lives. Your best hamster toys will also appreciate the motivation and will be more pleasant that they have more objects in order to keep its teeth very small. If your preference is to make your own toys or to buy toys, you are performing something better for your hamster. However, they not only does this benefit them as well as their health, but also it builds them more likely to require to play. It is also one of the major reasons; why kids love them very much!